5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Redesign Their Website

How long has it been since you last thought of rebuilding your website? Probability is, it’s been quite a while now, hasn’t it? Don’t you think it’s time that you should give your online presence a new update.

If you believe you need to create a strong positive online presence for your customers, then sometimes considering a website revamp can help you boost business profits and increase your SEO marketing results.

Today, we are going to spotlight the top 5 reasons that a website revamp for your online presence is running short on time.

High Bounce Rate

If you believe that website analytics tool such as Google Analytics is used for tracking website users only, then you are totally wrong. Analytics, such as Google Analytics, helps user identify where and how a user website needs optimization from design, performance and business perspective.

One of the best things that analytics allow you to observe is the bounce rate of the people coming to your website. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors navigating away from your website after viewing only a single page. The bounce rate helps you realize where are the exit holes in your website and what pages are not working appropriately for your respective businesses.

Here is a screenshot how Bounce Rate may look like in the Acquisition tab of your websites’ Google Analytics.


This shows that your website desperately needs a redesign and a newer more innovative & market friendly content.

Compatibility Issues

You designed a perfect business website, but you designed one back in 2007. Now, trends have changed so have the interface. Many new software virtualization features are adding more elements of attraction for users worldwide. Although, your brand name talks for itself, but is that still reason enough for your website to survive and thrive in the long run? It can seriously hurt your brand image if your website fails to open up on someone else’s preferred networking browser.

Compatibility plays a vital role as it is a key attribute to meet responsiveness of web designs on all platforms. It can seriously damage the views of a visitor, if your website fails to open properly on his smartphone or tabloid. Imagine if it’s an old design that sends the mindset back into 70s. Not much consideration will be given to the reliability and the name of your brand, if the look and feel does not click right.


Old design was one of the reasons why Ebay observed a business demise and the CEO of ebay, Devin Wenig, is compelled to overhaul the overall website design and functionality in order to save the online ecommerce business.

Page Load Time

Your website performance and optimization highly depends on page load time. To rank your website on top of a desired search engine is one of the major SEO practices that one should consider. However, if your page fails to load or take a lot of time to do so, this can ultimately result in making a live visitor consider other options despite the reason that your link ranks above others.

Google algorithms behind ranking landing pages is set to optimize high quality content pages on top and then reluctantly move down the chain accordingly. However, with the latest updates rolling in, Google has made page load time an essential attribute for it’s algorithm likewise. Whether it is a plugin at the backend, coding issues, or maybe too much dynamic content; whatever the cause may be behind it all, it all points towards redesigning the whole product from scratch.

Below is a screenshot from one of the leading tools for testing your website page load time, Pagespeed Insight Tool. This tool will help you analyze the speed and performance of your website. Go ahead, and try it 🙂

The tool is a handy one to help you understand where the problem on your website lies. In Fact, by just fixing up a few errors, you can easily save yourself from a complete redesign.

Poor User Experience (UX)

While eager to boost your network traffic, you (a website owner) may end up with adding too many pop ups to your online presence. Apparently, this tactic does not always work. With so many pop ups coming in from time to time can actually conceal the actual content of your website. This may ultimately result in deviating the average user from the initial purpose of paying you a visit and hence, you result in shooing away the very people you wish to attract.

Such an atrocity contributing towards difficulty in navigation, simply results in creating a true nuisance when it comes to addressing user experience. It ultimately results in a traumatic drop in rank and performance of your online presence and literally, Google start punishing you for what you did. To avoid such navigational indiscrepancies, make sure your website map is coherent and flows comfortably for the average user.

If it does not, then you should know well, it’s time you give your online presence a redesign it deserves.

Reshape Content Strategy

To make the most of your website it is extremely necessary that you should keep the Content Strategy of your website revolving and why is that so important? Well, the answer is simple… Content that keeps changing on and off includes a variety of element that are unique to win your customers. If your website tends to stay on a single pattern of similar content! Hard are the chances that your customers will attract.

So, make sure that you keep changing and shifting ideas within your blog posts! Take necessary steps to transform your website content, reshape it to fit more best to your needs. Each innovative idea that you create may ultimately result in your benefit. Who knows what fruitful results you may find in reverberating the content from time to time.

Concluding Thoughts

Online marketing has taken the next big move towards generating cost effective ways to craft newer and better business propositions. You can always invest in a good website or craft a marketing plan that can drive most network traffic to your online presence. But, in the long run, you may reach at a point where you will need to stand out among competitors and that’s basically where a website revamp can come in handy. Your website is not just an online asset for you, it’s mere source of educating your visitors what you are doing and a similar classroom can easily wear out your students too soon then you expect.

Keep revolving around, change the design, change the content, add more products, remove a few features, add new ones but always keep experimenting! Never stop, because every successful niche inquires more.

With that, I am signing off for the day! I hope this acknowledges you best 🙂

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