A Beginners Guide To Understanding The Agile Method

In order to understand the best situation for when to use agile as a software development project’s process, it is best to first understand this method and evaluates its pros and cons. And then understanding its effect on the entire software’s development and its process. This article is dedicated at understanding this concept and also looking into factors that make it a good or bad project development process.

Agile Development Process:

Agile as the name suggests is executing things on the go. Which is generally a more haphazard method of working. The Agile approach focuses on producing minimum viable products, it largely depends on the collaboration of multiple departments working simultaneously through constant feedback which results in faster adaptability into changing requirements. Some of its major components are as follows.

Specific tasks for specific resources:

As this development method focuses on thinking on the go, the resources used are executed more effectively, functioning from task to task. Getting tasks done at a more effective manner.

Creation of an Adaptive System

By working task to task, all the members of the team get to give out their best input in all levels. Which also creates synergy as the project proceeds through different stages.

Feature Driven

The Agile Development Process is highly feature driven as each task is handled on the go, every step is carefully worked upon and thoroughly revised before it is finalized.

Pros and Cons of Agile

Like all things the Agile Development also has pros and cons, some of them are discussed here.

Adaptable vs Procrastination

Adaptability is what makes this method stand out as much as it does, however it also brings forth a lot of procrastination. Since there is no real structure to go by with and is highly dependent on resources, there is a more laid back feel towards this developmental structuring.

High Quality Delivery Vs Highly Skilled Team

Due to this tactic’s innate ability to focus on every detail of the workflow it is always of very high quality once it is delivered. However, due to its dependency on the task force this method requires dedicated and motivated team players, that are exceptional at what they do. This means that there is also a higher resource expense.

Immediate user feedback Vs High Time Commitment

As the concept revolves around fast getting products market ready quickly it helps understand and stay connected with the users of the application. This also helps the development team and project managers get a feel of the market and work with them. However, due to agile development’s essence to be market dependent there are constant changes and upgrades. Hence there is generally to work-time limit. This means higher team commitment to work progressively.

Final Thoughts

Agile method of development is a very resourceful one, but like everything that exists it has its perks and negatives. Even so the best method of working is to do it the way the team feels more comfortable working in. It greatly depends on the team’s capacity to handle the workload and proactively work together.

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