The Best Ecommerce Platform For Ecommerce Startups in 2017

Recently, you planned out that you wish to sell t-shirts online and for that you need to have a ecommerce store of your own. However, when you plan to create one! You usually end boggled up with which platform will be the right fit for going live with your business. While, there are a plenty of options out there in the pool, only a few can become the right company for you.

When you shop for the right platform in the digital realm, you realize that there are only a few that can provide you the right functionalities to design just the e-store you desire. Each platform portrays its own specific set of strength and weaknesses. So, while you make a choice, your website design is not everything. There is SEO, community marketing, content development & deployment and many other attributes that needs to be addressed.

Research Methodology

To identify which e-commerce fits best to your online needs, we initially performed a thorough research and find out some of the best e-store platforms. Before, listing them down for our viewers, we tested each one of them individually. We signed up on different platforms, went through different video tutorials and how they stand different among market.

But our own research wasn’t everything to provide us a thorough feedback. Therefore, we took a step ahead in order to learn what other ecommerce platforms for startups do entrepreneurs and business owners believe works best for their ecommerce businesses.

That was not all we did to identify the right platform for our choice. We also conducted a brief overview of the discussions carried out on different social forums, top review websites, top lists and other business websites. In order to learn what other people perceive about different ecommerce platforms, we questioned a few and gathered their insights on the matter.

Let’s discuss some of the top ecommerce platform out there in the digital sphere.


Topping our list today is Magento which is one of the most flexible ecommerce platform available on the market. It is highly equipped with some of the best features for ecommerce and you can just about design any type of business you require. This is an open-source platform that uses the right tools and elements and tailor some of the most interactive digital products for it’s customers. According to most entrepreneurs, they prefer Magento over any other ecommerce platform because it offers endless amount of customization to users. How does Magento offer it? Through a large directory of plugins and extensions.

Also, Magento connectors can help sync data with system tools which gives you an upper edge into controlling business and marketing operations. With Magento, you get three versions.

  • Magento (Free)
  • Magento Community
  • Magento Enterprise

Depending on the type of business you wish to launch, you can select your desired platform as per your requirement.


WooCommerce is an extension for the world’s most popular CMS, WordPress. This is a free and open-source ecommerce plugin that transforms your WordPress website into an online store. It was considered as one of the best ecommerce store builder recently and has gained credible fame in time. This ecommerce platform is highly customizable and offers well supported tools to craft just the perfect ecommerce store you want.

Most users prefer WordPress because it is one of the most user-friendly solution; however, that’s not entirely the case of all online store. Consumers find WooCommerce a healthy ecommerce healthy solution because it provides extensive diversity when it comes to optimizing your e-store. It’s one of the reasons why this ecommerce platform reaches Business News Daily.


Launched during the early 1997, Miva is a private organization that talks experience and maneuverability with their customers. It is a self hosted ecommerce platform solution for all scale businesses. This feature rich e-store builder lets you customize your ecommerce store with the best front-end design. It has multiple back-end modules and gives a direct support for hosts.

With Miva you get real-time access to inventory management systems and give an indepth insight on product sales information. This helps in performing agile adjustments instead of days or hours, in just a handful number of minutes. With Miva, you can put aside your hassles observing the fuss of reliability. It is the perfect solution for small business online retailers.


Now this ecommerce platform is an incredible drag & drop builder. For users, who are not entirely committed to manufacturing online e-stores without getting involved in coding hassles, then Shopify is the most perfect solution. This online drag & drop builder stands unparallel as it offers a pre-hosted domain name and a creative number of features to play around with.

What makes Shopify a preferred choice among ecommerce development agency is it’s ease of use. If you have an inventory prepared and you want to keep your online presence specifically customized then this online drag & drop builder is all what you need to give customers an amazing ecommerce presence.


It was a suggestion presented to us by one of the online merchant we work with. YoKart is a feature built ecommerce platform that organizes products with smart pricing models. This ecosystem friendly ecommerce platform position itself as a one-stop shop solution for all. Social forums suggested that most users in search of an ecommerce platform that are capable to design the next look alike of eBay or some other multi-vendor version of ecommerce store preferred YoKart.

It is a new entrant, yet quite lucrative for people who wish to integrate a dozen payment gateways to their online store. The system offers a number of built in features to tweak around with; however, the only drawback is, it lacks social commerce capabilities. Although, the team at YoKart is looking forward to integrate features that can allow merchants to sell using Facebook and other social platform, but the platform is still in it’s newborn phase.

Big Cartel

As the name sustains itself within the market, Big Cartel chooses its position as one of the leading ecommerce platforms for small scale businesses. If you are an artist and you crave creativity then Big Cartel is an optimal choice. It is an extremely (simple to setup) an online ecommerce store and manage it. What customers find quite cheesy about the platform is that this store offers a Facebook shop access which most ecommerce platform fail to offer.

However, the downside of Big Cartel is its theme library which is extremely limited. Sadly, only 2  themes are fully responsive. It offers limited add-ons, but if you can access it via Zapier integration, you can get more than 500+ apps which gives users of Big Cartel a whole new development experience. Currently, the e-store offers social commerce for Facebook, but it’s outstanding support team promises a bright future for the platform.


Where most creative juices are running dry, some ecommerce platform are taking a whole different approach when it comes to manufacturing online e-stores. This shopping cart solution provides you all the features that you could ever think of when it comes to ecommerce stores. It directly allows you to build online stores as painlessly as it could be designed.

3DCart is somewhat similar to other hosted ecommerce platforms as they provide their own FTP access. This gives complete freedom to an individual so they can design just the online store they need. Easy to build and performance optimized, this platform helps your ecommerce store run exceptionally well online. Most features are already built-in so all you have to do is just set your products and you are good to go.


Are you an online merchant who deals in wholesale or distribution business? If you are then make the most out of the OroCommerce. This ecommerce platform offers a state-of-the-art customization for users. And that’s not all what it has to offer to you, you get to personalize your catalogs, configure payment term levels as per your need, set contract pricing, configure order submissions and do a lot more. It is designed to address your additional ecommerce needs. Although, OroCommerce is in it’s Alpha testing phase, you can still have a try at it by signing up on the demo. Stay tuned with their newsletter so you get notified, once the product launches.

Concluding Thoughts

The list we have mentioned above provides just a brief insight on some of the top ecommerce platforms and online store builders out there. These are just some of the best ecommerce platform 2017. There are countless many other platforms such as OpenCart, ZenCart, osCommerce, CS-Cart, UniteU, Demandware, Hybris, NCR Retail Online, etc. which we will hopefully cover in the coming days in our next series of top Ecommerce platforms to build your online store.

While ecommerce is at the boon of online industry, many online merchants have emerged on the forefront of the digital market. Today, one can easily find any product they are looking for being sold online. From T-shirts, electronic gadgets, computer accessories, cosmetic products to garments, you name it and you can easily find a number of online stores offering you such services. Do you have an idea what you wish to sell online? Well why not sell it through your own online store?

If you had a good time reading it and are looking for a good ecommerce platform for startups, please feel free to drop in a comment in the provided section below. Maybe, we can help you build the next big ecommerce dream! 🙂

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