Why you should choose Drupal over Joomla to Build a Business Website

Prepping to become a part of the modern trade industry? Where there is a digital kingdom, and only those that embrace it can actually benefit out of their business to the core. When you are getting your website made or are making it on your own. One of the major aspects to think about is the content management system. According to the modern rules of digital marketing, content is the king. Which means that your content management system or CMS is the tool that controls the king of digital marketing.

There are pre-dominantly three major CMSs that are used for the larger number of websites created worldwide. Even though there are a multitude of other CMSs available, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress are the most widely used and considered as the best when choosing a good CMS.

But what if you wanted to understand which one; between two of the best content management systems was the best. In this blog we’ll be comparing Joomla and Drupal to show you why Drupal is better.


If you’re new to CMS and are new at managing a website both of these platforms might seem confusing and complex. However, Drupal’s interface is smoother and easier to get a hand of in contrast to Joomla. Meaning that it would make more sense to business owners to get Drupal.


Joomla is more inclined towards community building platforms, and has stronger social networking features. Whereas Drupal is generally used for larger business oriented website, that can handle organization level developments.


Drupal and Joomla both host e-commerce sites, Joomla provides additional extensions to manage e-commerce site. However, there is no CMS more evolved than Drupal, it can support a very high amount of traffic and supports websites with very high content. It has enterprise level security which is ideal for e-commerce businesses.

Search Engine Optimization & Responsiveness

When in comparison to Joomla, Drupal is highly responsive and optimized for search engines. Which improves your ranking faster than any other CMS. It also enables the Drupal developer to seamlessly manage and control all SEO related activities.

Wrap Up

Conclusively, Drupal is the winner between these two top of the line CMS development tools. Although a lot depends on your Joomla developer and your Drupal developer on how they can make your business adjust on the CMS that best suits your needs.

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