A Comparative Debate Between Final Cut and Adobe Premiere.

One of the two most widely adopted editing platforms that helps editors create professional videos are Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. However, most professional editors are forced to gamble their careers when it comes to making the right choice. Choosing the right video editing platform inquires a number of features to consider and that’s why we are here to discuss in detail which of the two serves best to your professional NLE needs.

So without much further Ado, let’s begin our assessment between the best video editing platforms available on the market. Maybe, you will be compelled to pick one of the two or you might end up using both.

When it comes to handling 4k video files, nothing works best than Final Cut Pro X. It is one of the biggest strength of this video editing software platform. With background rendering, you get native resolution 4k video results while using this software and you can easily edit and playback on the latest technological devices such as the MacBook Pros. The only downside of using Final Cut Pro X is that it is compatible with Apple products only. Here, Adobe Premiere takes the lead as this virtual editing software is capable to perform effectively across all device OS.

Not many video editors are exceptionally good at managing both, but some uses both tools simultaneously to create perfect 3D animations, 2D animations, motion graphics, etc.

If you are an energy efficient consumer, then Final Cut Pro X is a decent virtual product designed to consume less energy. It’s one of the many reasons why Final Cut Pro X is a game changer for portable device such as your laptop. Although, Adobe Premiere is not an energy efficient solution but it offers a high GPU intensive performance to help user add flexible customization to videos as per requirements. It makes Premiere more versatile and interactive for users giving them the liberty to add more vibrant effect to their digital works.

Although, motion titles are offered by both video editing platforms, but the Final Cut Pro X stand out among competitors because they have a bit more to offer than Adobe Premiere. Also, the platform eliminates the inclusion of third party applications that can add multiple additional features to the respective graphic editor.

The case is quite different with Premiere because when it comes to customization, it requires Adobe Aftereffect equipped with Adobe Dynamic link integration feature. However, to fulfil animation purposes, both platforms equally require Adobe After effects accordingly. But, Final Cut Pro X allows users to work using a magnetic timeline through which missing gaps are easily filled, video places are easily swapped and various clips can be set to create the perfect storyline for your viewers.

Also, when it comes to importing media to your personal hard drives, Final Cut Pro X is at an advantage. It gives you the capability to choose which files are meant to be imported and which don’t. You can also directly upload your edits on YouTube or any other social media platform of your choice without getting into the hassles of rendering the entire edit at a similar instance.

Unlike Pro X, Premiere Pro CC 2017 is a cross platform that works best across both, Windows and MacOS alike. It features team projects and integrated assets holding an advantageous position when you have to work on large scale projects. The Adobe’s premium video editor comes with advanced colors for grading which is something that Pro X may fail to provide. However, Final Cut Pro X offers a more sophisticated functionality as compared to Adobe’s premium.

Plus, you can easily export settings and utilize your videos right away. Irrespective of the type of video you wish to create, in my opinion, Adobe works best for all formats and gives proficient results within no time.


So, it’s time to pick our favorite and I believe it’s a pretty difficult choice to make as both Video Editors are one of the best in class on the market. To each for its own, if you are an Apple device owner, then without a doubt the Final Cut Pro X should be your optimal solution for video animation. It is energy efficient, time saving and user friendly. But, if you want to go for a more commercially accepted solution then Adobe Premiere is a standalone. The key reason is the versatility in features it offers and how it uses a mix of grading colors to make your animation look more lifelike as compared to other competitors on the market. Plus, Adobe Premiere can work across all platforms. With that, we are signing off for the day! Let us catch you later this week 🙂 Adios!

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