Leverage the Power of Video Marketing to Grow Your Digital Business

I guess we all live in the 21st Century and if you haven’t spent half your life on a remote island somewhere in the Caribbean without an access to the Internet, high is the chance that you may have come across a brand promotion observed using video marketing. Over the past year, numbers have earnestly doubled! More than 1.5 billion users are actively watching online videos around the world. Two third of this estimation belongs to none other than the king of video portals, YouTube. And no surprise, it has now become the second largest search engine across the Internet.

With all this uprising surge in the cinematography and videography industry, digital marketing analysts have found numerous ways to create revenue streams for themselves. Ads, impressions and unique content are a few attributes that surely contributes to this social realm. All big social networking environment including Facebook have replaced static display advertising with one which involves a more enthralling concept, videos. Year 2017 alone holds a non-parallel record of 74% internet traffic obtained only through online videos.

I am sure all the information accumulated gives you a considerable insight on how videos are taking over the digital world. Therefore, without much further ado, let’s delve in and identify how video marketing can contribute to the overall growth of your digital business.

Boost Conversion and Sales

If you are seeking a way to crunch up some serious numbers in your bank account, you need to increase conversion rate. Analysis show businesses made a fortune out of a simple technique! They integrated video product on their landing page which increased conversion rate up by 80%. Irrespective of the category in which product views were applied, an increase in conversion rate was observed in a ranged market.

Researches further provides insight that explainer videos are the game changers for most product based websites. More than 74% of users who watched explainer videos instantly end up purchasing the product online. Isn’t that exciting? Craft your business video right away.

Improve Search Engine Visibility

Videos ensure that the traffic coming to your website can spend a longer time online. It’s because longer exposures create the element of trust among customers. It also signals search engines that the website has interesting content and people tend to stay longer on the website. According to an in-depth analysis performed by Moovly, it has been evaluated that a website promoting brand using a video tends to pop up on Google 53 times more as compared to a website which does not include a product video.

With Google now owning YouTube, an increase in video adaptations within online presence have gradually increased on different search engines.

Create Trust & Brand Loyalty

Videos are an avid part of content marketing and effective content marketing ensures the foundation of trust. It organizes sales funnel and create potential conversion rates for your online business. The whole concept of creating a long-term relationship is to stop selling and letting people come towards you on their own and a video can simply benefit you in achieving that.

According to Mark Schaefer Executive director of the Schaefer Marketing Solution;

The new era demands a focus on ignition, not just content, on trust, not just traffic, and on the elite people in your audience who are spreading and advocating your content.

YouTubers have become the most powerful social media figures. They help you promote your brand effectively. If you are serious about going viral with your online presence, then your digital product requires a perfect video solution.

Get Amazing ROI

More than 76% of businesses agree that video becomes a great source of investment. Videos can be cost incurring and are not easy to strategize; however, they are one of the best by-products to pay you off big time. With online video editing tools now available on the Internet, one can easily improve their relative video designs and make it a more feasible and affordable option.

In most businesses, content plays significantly a key role. Latest research represents that even if your corporate video production lacks in design but provides an everlasting brand message, it will still benefit you with a greater ROI. So, even when it’s of low quality, it’s still going to work for your business.

Get Easy Engagement Using Videos

A video for your digital product can increase your reach overnight. As long as outreach is concerned, Facebook and YouTube are now working in collaboration to produce the best results. With more eyes observing specific channels, the chances of getting maximum engagements with your digital product become eminent.

Demonstrate how your product works, and how people can benefit out of this service. You can further illustrate your point by using words of inspiration to persuade. Another way is to use illusionary concepts mixing it with music to bring inspiration out among consumers. It all depends how creative you really are.

Make Use of Smartphone Technology

People are now using Smartphones more than they are using any other technological gadget. This shows that most people are interacting with individuals using cellular channels. It’s extremely necessary that you aim to produce a video marketing for business strategy that gives your product or service an extra edge. Research shows that more than 72 million people on social media watch videos using a smartphone.

Responsive business video production can help your corporate image become a resonance within society. It can help your customers to watch your product online using just tap on their phone. If you wish to be seen, you need to be believed. And that’s what makes your position as a brand self-evident on the market. More than quarter of the US population is waiting for your product, with proper branding you can send it viral with a sizzle of ice on fire.

Social Share Encouragement Using Videos

More than 60% of social marketers produce video content that can help you significantly plan out and devise an amazing solution for your business. More than 73% of total respondents plan out social sharing and engagement using different social media platforms such as SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, etc. If your YouTube channel is linked interactively with social platforms using online video tools, then you can shave off a larger chunk of individuals for your profitable benefits.

Create fun posts, use emotions and interactive elements and encourage social shares. Create traffic for your website using multiple social platforms to create entertaining business videos for your product.

Teach What You Sell

Although, Tutorial videos are not always the best solution but if you want to produce enigmatic and long term results then this is a credible strategy. Make sure that you aim to acquire loyal individuals around your brand! And how exactly can you achieve that, the answer is simple create a knowledge base around your specific software product.

Knowledge base is an effective marketing strategy and can promote not only your business, but also help individuals to push forward the idea of self-promotion and send business viral across the Internet.  Your cost could range from next to nothing to several hundred dollars, depending on how you value your time. Spend on your videos wisely.

Inject Personality in Marketing Message

One of the best ways to induce a personality in your marketing messages is to make your videos a trustworthy and emotional brand that connects individuals on emotional level. You can either watch the paint dry on your business, or you can simply push visitors in the process and create an extreme hype. It totally depends on you. To create genuine business offering ultimate product solution, add a corporate logo and create anonymous web copies that can easily blend in with competitors as moderators.

Why most business solution fails to survive in the long run, it’s because they hide themselves behind a logo and taking brand topping up a notch. Everything takes time and resilience, above all it takes a personality to make your brand shine bright among competitors.

Get Boosted SEO

Videos does not only contribute by throwing out your brand viral across the Internet. It also helps in making your video SEO friendly. According to a recent analysis, search engines take high regard for videos rather than mountainous articles, whitepapers and blog posts that covers your niche. This shows you have more room to get increased video hit on the first page of your online website, if you have an embracing online business video.

With videos on your website, you attract individuals thrice more than a normal website. Search engines treat backlinks from reputable websites as votes of endorsement for particular search terms. If you can identify the right keywords, the game plan is yours win at as a thriving solution.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Last but not the least, A good video gains customer satisfaction. If your video brand sells even dirt but represent it in the nicest of manners, chances are high a few blokes may end up purchasing it. If you wish to avail effective customer satisfaction take charge and develop a business solution that works the most incredible of ways.

Where users don’t have to decipher written content to figure out how your product works, you can easily sit back relax and watch how you win their positive consent. Ensure maximum customer satisfaction, take on larger audiences and do much more with a video that talks about selling your brand.

Different Type of Video Contents

When we talk about videos, we don’t really segment ourselves to a particular video content type. Depending on the stature of your organization and the amount of social exposure it requires, different type of video content types is utilized to create a resonating and everlasting impact among consumers. While, each content type defines your position for success, they also help individuals so they can push their brand venture in a specific direction and make the most out of the opportunity available.

  • Educational Video
  • Explainer Video
  • Corporate Video
  • Testimonial Video
  • Promotional Video

How Video Content Plays a Vital Role in Making Your Video Viral on the Internet

More than 75 Million people across the whole of United States watch online videos every day. But what is it that captivates the attention of most of the individual surfing the Internet online. While convenient and efficient for the consumer, video marketing provides marketers with an attractive, versatile, and extremely shareable medium to reach their audiences and content plays a significant role in all of it. With just the right messaging in place, your video content can become the next viral thing on the Internet.

Final Thoughts

So here I have discussed 11 ways, how you can significantly contribute to the promotion of your overall business using video marketing. There are different other ways to do so; however, the most effective is by sending a message to the larger audience through a video. It’s because people tend to focus more when they are opting to listen rather than take interest in reading an information online.

Videos are great for SEO. If designed perfectly, they are mind captivating and can send a direct message to individual. And, amazingly, you don’t need to spend a ton of time or money in creating them. We at One Design Pro have expert video editors and producers who ensures an everlasting impact for your brand. Has your brand secured a spot among video portals on the Internet? It’s time you get a video log of your own. Fill out a form below, we consult absolutely free.

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